About us

Dstrac is a young factory that is part of the Nardi Group, a company with over 30 years of experience in the production of agricultural equipment and hydraulic oil systems.

It was founded in the mid-1990s by Mr. Silvio Antônio Nardi (deceased in 2019) of Italian descent who emigrated decades ago from the northern region of Italy to the cold region in Southern Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Initially around 1995, he specialized in the repair of agricultural machinery in a small workshop and later in the manufacture of agricultural hydraulic pumps. The company grew, and the “expertise” of Mr. Silvio A. Nardi was passed on to the next generation, the 3 children who today manage the company together with Mrs. Wilma Formariz Nardi.

The Nardi Group has specialized during these years in the production of hydraulic oil components, such as pumps, controls, valves, cylinders, designs of hydraulic system units in many areas and in the maintenance of various oil-hydraulic equipment, from road systems to agricultural systems.

In the 2010s, a partnership was made with the German company Bosch Rexroth, to supply power transmission systems to Dstrac, thus starting the manufacture of hydrostatic agricultural axles for harvesters, where the company Dstrac started.

The business owner Mr. Silvio Antônio Nardi then, in love with Rally and Raid events was participating with his Jeep Willys 1951.After a few Rally events he decided to create some products for his car. The first invention was an electric differential locker for the Willys and then a Portal Box.

Dstrac really entered and gained market when it launched its first differential in 2014, 44/60 hybrid for Jeep Willys. Since then, in these 7 years, the brand has launched more than 50 products and dominated the Brazilian national off-road market.

Today it has a modern factory with solid infrastructure that is continuously investing in new manufacturing processes and technologies, such as casting of steel parts by "lost-wax casting", low temperature forging, heat treatment processes by plasma nitriding, verification of faults by "magnaflux" and other state-of-the-art processes.

Dstrac has a national supplier certified by the standards of safety and automotive quality for casting and forging components.

The Company currently has an area of ​​1800 m2 in the assembly unit and another 2500 m2 in the machining unit with 30 employees, an engineering team with 7 mechanical engineers, divided between projects in the automotive and agricultural area. In addition to leading the national market for automotive and agricultural combine harvester differential axes, Dstrac stands out nationally as the usual champion in several RockCrawling / Extreme competitions and in the main national off-road events.